2 in 1 Citrus Juicer






New York

Design Goal


Citrus is a good-sized category for OXO. The category is being driven by two products (Citrus Squeezer and Citrus Juicer) that make up 80% of the annual sales volume. OXO wanted to grow the category with new product introductions and fill some of the white space that exists in their assortment.

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Performance Requirements 

Juice lemons and limes quickly and comfortably
Strain for pulp and seeds
Easy to pour juice from cup and clean
Measurement markings
Keep part count down

Design Requirements

Consider design of the current juicer when designing
Design should be “cute”

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Prototype Test


As expected, sharper angles and crisper edges are more efficient,

offer a better resistance and rely less on the user’s force and stamina to

extract the juice. More numerous edges help too.

It seems difficult to maximize the juice extraction without getting lots of pulp.
The pulp never clogged the tray but the holes need to be reduced to

block the seeds correctly, which might affect this. 

Edges should run all the way to the top to ease the engagement and avoid loosing time.

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