Quiet Stand Fan




North Carolina




71%, 5Stars

Design Goal


Honeywell's QuietSet product line is successful,

So, the company wanted to take the opportunity to carry the excitement and distribute the missing category,  the popular personal cooling fan, 

in the QuietSet line already established. 

Quietset consumer is female willing to pay more to match the home's décor.


USA & Canada

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Design Exploration

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Design Details

Carried the controlled geometry on every detail of the design.


Designed a hidden hinge to keep the design clean


Integrated removable remote on the back 

WideDisplay-StandFan copy4.png

Red Core


Celebating the "powerful" story to attract the buyer by having Honeywell Red Core elements near the fan blade. 


WideDisplay-StandFan copy3.png
WideDisplay-StandFan copy2.png
Quiet-standFan-context copy_edited.jpg

Designed to fit your home décor.