Silicone Cupcake Cup






New York


82%, 5 Stars 

Design Goal


There are various silicone cupcake cups on the market, but how can we make the baking experience easier than other competitors by changing the design details of the form which will deliver the functional benefits. 

Clean-cupcake copy9.png

"I don't want to touch

the cupcake, now"


Even though the baking experience is a happy moment, not every process can be joyful.

We often try to avoid touching the sticky cupcakes, except when we are about to eat them.


It can be too hot,

It can be crushed,

It can require more time than expected

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WideDisplay-Cupcake Cup copy2.png

Finger taps for easy grabbing from the heated tray

Defining Thickness, Fill Line, Texture

After a series of testing, the wall thickness of 2mm was the most reasonable for both cupcake pan baking and no support baking without being not too flimsy.

Most of the competitor cupcake cups fit slightly below the flat area of the OXO cupcake pan (36mm in height) And, the benchmark fill line for the Volume was 58g.


Our baking testing at different heights of the prototype showed that the range of 34 -36mm in height of cupcake cups was the most successful.


To make the cupcake easy to clean and open up, the form is transitioning full round to the smooth patterned profile towards the top.  


Fill line is added by having a textured surface on the upper portion and keeping the glossy on the bottom for easy removal of the cupcakes.  

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Clean-cupcake copy2g.png
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